Prices for mixing, mastering are always an important criterion when deciding on the right mixing or mastering studio, especially for artists with a limited budget.

Our prices for mixing, mastering, and production services, we have to make as transparent as possible!

Stereo Mastering Costs

Hybrid sound experience with unique TonHof sound is guaranteed by our audio online mastering.

70 €*

Hybrid Analog/ Digital

Lossless WAV or MP3

2 modifications included

Stem Mastering Costs

Subgroup Mastering. Stem mastering allows for deeper processing of your audio material.

From 50€**

Hybrid Analog/ Digital

Lossless WAV or MP3

2 changes included

Mixing costs

A balanced sound experience is delivered by our mixing with high-quality hybrid sound.

From 150€***

Mastering Included

Vocal tuning 

2 changes included

Mix analysis costs

In our mix analysis we tell you if your song is ready for mastering and what you can improve if necessary.

Ab 0€

Individuelle Analyse


Kostenlos für Neukunden

*Stereo mastering = 1 stereo track. When uploading multiple group tracks, stem mastering is automatically booked.

***mind. 2 stems

***Depending on: Number of tracks; Quality; Performance.

Price composition

Especially when it comes to mixing or and you as an artist decide to hand over your project and have it professionally refined, the question always arises: “How much does it cost?”. Fixed prices, according to an industry-wide price list, are absolutely not possible! Because just as most songs are quite different in quality, arrangement, choice of instruments and number of tracks, so is the effort involved.

We stand for professional advice around mixing and mastering for your project.

Example calculation for our prices

In order to understand the composition of the prices of our mixing and mastering studio, we would like to give you an idea of the whole thing by means of an example calculation.

Song: 4 vocal tracks, 25 instrumental tracks

Quality: Homeproduction

Price: 235 € (8 €/track incl. mastering) – price by time tracking on the single track

Contact via email / track inspection / invoicing before the start of the order
ca. 20 min
ca. 23€
Create project / Edit tracks / Create mixdown / Implement customer requests
ca. 120 min
ca. 150€
Perform change requests / mastering
ca. 40min
ca. 50€
Upload files / Archive project
ca. 5min
ca. 5€

Here are not all points in detail, which are necessary to process an order. However, the times are included in the respective total time, for the operator of the studio, the individual points.

In this example, we arrive at a total price of approximately 228 € to 235 € for the mixdown and mastering. After deducting all running costs and taxes, our mixing/mastering engineer receives an hourly wage of 32€.

Conclusion of our pricing

So we see here that the engineer has an average hourly wage of about 32 €. For this he has years of experience, one or more studies behind him, learned countless instruments and invested a lot of money from his private pocket, time and uncertainty about the future.

To make a judgment about the appropriateness of this result, we leave everyone free. We would like to point out that creative energy and passion for music is infinitely important, whether it is in mixing, mastering or in the band rehearsal room. This creativity is not measurable in money!

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