Unlike stereo mastering, stem mastering is a type of mixing – except that here we don’t work with as many tracks as in normal mixingdown.

Mastering in subgroups (Stem) is a very popular and effective method in the mastering process. Here, in contrast to the classic “stereo mastering” (processing of a stereo track), the song is divided into individual components, i.e. the stems (group tracks) described above, to enable separate processing of the grouped audio tracks in the studio. In this way, the mastering engineer has more control over the individual instrument groups by dividing them into stems and can intervene in the prefabricated mix in even more detail if necessary.

Stem Mastering

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FAQ Stem Mastering

Stems are so-called group tracks. Here, you can basically group “same” with “same” to allow engineering to do specific editing. Examples are:

Drums (incl. overheads)
Vocals complete (all vocals)
Lead Vocals
backing vocals
Harmony Vocals

Here it becomes very clear that the division of a mix into its group components always depends on several factors. The following points should be considered in the formation:

Which are the main elements?
Which tracks can be processed together?
Should anything be changed in the vocals/backings ratio?
Should anything be changed in the Vocals/Backings ratio?

Another advantage of stem mastering is that each stem can be processed independently in the “middle and side signals”. For example, the high frequency of the drum widens and the human voice, for example, moves back to the center. This way you achieve a nice, balanced sound mix. Another possibility is to be able to process the rhythm guitar in the song separately in the side signal (when doubling – mainly far left/right outside), while the guitar solo as backbone (e.g. in the middle) remains unaffected.

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